Corporate dispute involving shareholder buy out of a major aviation fixed based operator. $2.4 million claim

Business dispute involving fraud claim arising from sale of a substantial dental practice. $1.8 million claim

Shareholder buy out dispute involving major medical services organization, counterclaim for defamation. $4 million claim and $1 million counterclaim

Claim by a contractor against subcontractor for faulty workmanship and delivery of inferior products, warehouse building project. $1.2 million claim

Breach of indemnification agreement claim, household products industry. $4.5 million claim

Dispute involving shareholder refusal to comply with contractual obligation to provide personal guarantees for corporate debt. $750,000 claim



Foreign Liquidator's claim for fraud arising from a default for payment of collateralized bonds. $250 million claim

Breach of an exclusive sales representation agreement, both parties listed on New York Stock Exchange. $20 million claim

Claim against New York Stock Exchange clearing house for improper clearing of trades presented by a rough trader. $25 million claim

Breach of agreement to supply specialty chemicals, international forum. $25 million claim

Breach of distribution and non-compete agreement, cosmetic and personal health care industry, both parties listed over the counter. $13.5 million

Dispute between two (2) major law firms involving rights and obligations of withdrawing partners. $10 million claim